domenica 15 giugno 2014

Aristarchus Herodotus region

Herodotus ω dome (termed Herodotus 1)

by Mike Wirths

by Mike Wirths

by Raffaello Lena

  Diameter    [km]
  Heigth [m] 
 14.4 ± 0.5
 220 ± 25
2.4 ± 0.2

Herodotus 1, with its moderate to steep slope of 2.4° ± 0.2°, large diameter of 14.4 km ± 0.5 km, large edifice volume of 21 cubic km, belongs to class B1 of the effusive lunar domes. It is characterized by a shallow vent about 200 m depth and 3 km long. The steep Herodotus 1 dome formed out of lava of high viscosity and over longer period of time than lower class B2 domes. The rheologic model indicates low effusion rate mainly due to high lava viscosity. Herodotus 1 was originated by a wide and long feeder dike, like the domes H2-H6 in the Hortensius dome field. The magma reservoir feeding the dome-forming eruption was located in the upper lunar mantle (inferred dike length of 188 km).

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